Sortwo has been doing art since he was 12 years old. Born and raised in the Basque Country (Spain), he got an appreciation for the street art around his neighborhood and it developed into his lifestyle. Art has opened doors for him and allowed him to travel to different countries and practice his passion.

He  works with a variety of art methods, never limiting his imagination. His phenomenal style has adapted to indoor and outdoor environments, often creating detailed surrealistic paintings. His primary works are detailed murals created through the use of paint rollers, paint brushes, and spray paint.


In the near future Sortwo hopes to continue to grow as an artist like he has done over the past few years.



- Solo show in CAFE BAR NAHIKARI.  Bergara, Guipuzcoa, Spain.  2013.


- Group show Blackpool, England. SAND SEA AND SPRAY. 2014


- Solo show in HAMAIKA.  Bergara, Guipuzcoa, Spain. 2014.


-  BEART group show in  AROZTEGI. Bergara, Guipuzcoa, Spain. 2014.


- Solo show in El SUBESPACIO GALERY.  San Sebastian, Guipuzcoa, Spain.  2015.


- Solo show in THIS MUST BE THE PLACE GALERY.  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  2017.


- DECKS FOR CHANGE,  group show in PARLIAMENT SKATE SHOP. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  2017.



- Selected  for SAND SEA AND SPRAY street art festival.  Blackpool, England. 2012.


- Selected  for SAND SEA AND SPRAY street art festival.  Blackpool, England. 2014.


- "ECOLOGIC ENERGY" Mural art competition winner for REBATTERY. Bergara, Guipuzcoa, Spain. 2015.


- First foreigner artist selected  for BRISBANE STREET ART FESTIVAL.  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  2017.


- Selected  for YONDER FESTIVAL.  The Tivoli. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  2017.


- Live performance  for QUEENSLAND

UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY ART MUSEUM.  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  2017.


- Live performance  for PALACE CENTRO CINEMAS.  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  2017.


- Selected for C.A.L.L.E Festival. Madrid, Spain. 2017.


-Selected for BEANTATUZ International Street Art Festival. Tolosa, Spain. 2017.


-Selected for MENTON RIVIER'ART International Street Art Festival. Monaco. 2017.